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art history meme | [3/9] paintings:

il bacio, by francesco hayez (1859)

Art historians believe that the portrayal of the couple is allegorical for the Risorgimento, the unification movement that led to the independence of Italy in 1870. The four colors of the couple’s clothing – red, green, white, and sky blue – correspond to those in the national flags of Italy and France and stand for the two countries’ alliance during the Second War of Independence, which ended in 1859 (the year Il Bacio was released) with a victory over the Austro-Hungarian empire.This historical reading acquires particular meaning if we consider that the only source of color and light against the rudimentary medieval background is the couple, as if the artist’s only aim had been to highlight the historical triumph and celebrate ideals of national unity against the arid color of political division.

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i love a storm, but i don’t love lightning

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Vorrei tornare ad editare ma non ho tempooooo


Into Eternity

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I stare into the night, thinking of what a difference a day makes. How yesterday morning, Finnick was on my kill list, and now I’m willing to sleep with him as my guard. He saved Peeta and let Mags die and I don’t know why. Only that I can never settle the balance owed between us.

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Haute Couture color pornlight blue

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Elie Saab Paris Fashion Week 2014 - WHITE

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Resident evil 4 Ultimate HD trailer

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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Elie Saab S/S 2011 Haute Couture [2/2]

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